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Finding a fair compromise in a divorce through mediation

Divorces are by nature very stressful and painful; however, this stress can be diminished. There are several ways to ease the process for both parties, and one of the most helpful methods is mediation. More and more people are choosing mediation as a way of making their divorce process simpler and much less confrontational; perhaps you should consider mediation as well


Active Participation on Both Sides

For mediation to be effective both parties need to be committed to honestly search for compromises and fair solutions for all of their issues. The key to your success will be your ability to set aside your resentments and proactively work on addressing every concern of both sides. If you’re both willing to do that and to make this process work, it could be one of the best decisions you make during the divorce process.


Put the Children First

Putting the children first is a very important commitment that you both need to make going into the mediation process. This will immediately create a common ground and a good starting point. It will also better align your respective priorities. Putting the children first will also help to turn you away from confrontations and steer you towards cooperation and problem solving.


Save Time, Money and Stress

You can save yourself a whole lot of time, money and stress if you choose mediation over the alternative approaches to divorce. It saves you time because you are communicating with each other directly (instead of through your respective attorneys) and you are in control of the whole process. Without the need of hiring two attorneys, you will also save a lot of money on your divorce process. Most importantly of all, the entire process will be less stressful for you both.


Give and Take

Mediation is about give and take; you really need to embrace this idea if you want mediation to work for you. Assuming an uncompromising posture will derail the process and will leave you disappointed. Think over your position on the issues that most important to you; prepare to negotiate and compromise for the most fair end result. With such an attitude you will be able to arrive at the results you can live with and move on with your lives.


End the Process without Bitterness

As you go through the mediation in a good faith, you are focused on finding fair solutions to your issues, rather than trying to hurt each other. Thus, the mediation process takes the inherent bitterness and rancor out of your divorce process. In the end you will have a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that you have acted in the best interest of yourself and your children. Litigated divorces frequently leave people disappointed and resentful, whereas mediated divorces allow for a path into a better future.

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