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Planning & Help

As you go through the painful process of ending your marriage, you have to deal with so many different challenges. Not the least of them is realization that your financial situation is about to change drastically.

All the issues relating to your standard of living, retirement and college planning, your income protection and debt management need to be re-addressed.

Many questions arise just when you may find it emotionally difficult to deal with them – all the while concurrently processing your divorce.

At the same time the decisions you are making will have long term consequences for your financial well-being. It is imperative therefore to resolve them in the most efficient manner. As your mediator I can suggest to you an option of consulting a qualified financial advisor.


Who to turn to:

Over the course of time I have learned to trust the opinions of Carl Barling and Anthony Campanile of International Planning Alliance LLC, Fairfield, NJ. They can help you with all aspects of wealth preservation strategies, investments, life insurance, as well as business related services.
Mr. Barling can be reached at 973-934-1456 or via email at Carl_Barling@planningalliance.com.
Mr. Campanile’s contact information is as follows: 609-709-0041 or via e-mail at Anthony_Campanile@planningalliance.com

We also recommend:

For all the issues relating to wills, health care proxy, changes in the beneficiary’s designation, and other related concerns Janet Gerard, Attorney at Law Ramsey, NJ. She can be reached at 201-995-1400. Her office is located at: 60 N. Central Ave., Ramsey, NJ 07446

It is very likely that your home is your largest asset. The proper handling of your real estate is thus of paramount importance. You want to have a competent and experienced specialist on your side.

Ella Abramova of Keller Williams Realty, Ridgewood, NJ. She can be contacted at 201-410-7401 or via email: abramovae@kw.com

Zoya Shaposhnik of ZSR Realty, LLC, Englewood Cliffs, NJ. She can be contacted at 201-889-2230 or via email: zoyaRealtor@yahoo.com

We also recommend Igor Altshul of Keller William Realty, Ridgewood, NJ. He can be reached at  201-375-1828 or via email: igoraltshul@yahoo.com