Helpful Links

Helpful Links


Coparenting is a free on-line book describing all aspects of divorce process with the special emphasis on children’s needs.


Daads  is a website for parents who travel a lot or live some distance from their children (not just fathers).

Divorce Source

Divorce Source provides state-by-state divorce related information, products and services.

Divorce Support

Divorce Support  is a comprehensive guide to state laws, access to professionals, useful articles.

Judiciary of NJ

Judiciary of NJ  is a detailed explanation of the most current law in the state of NJ with regards to the Child Support including the guidelines for calculation of the amount of support.

Making Lemonade

Making Lemonade  is the single parent network that contains a lot of useful information and support


Mediate provides you with in-depth information about mediation process and contains useful resources.

Mediate Now

Mediate Now  is another portal that explains mediation process and contains relevant articles


Going through divorce is hard emotionally and financially. provides insight on common financial mistakes to avoid. – Financial Planning for Divorce:

NJ Child Support

NJ Child Support  is geared exclusively to the issues of child support in the State of New Jersey


Rainbows  is the largest international children’s charity organization dedicated solely to helping youth successfully navigate the very difficult grief process.