Is a separation an option?

In my practice sometimes I come across the couples who may not be ready for a divorce, but are considering a separation as a method of reassessing their relationship. This could be a good option in some situations, but there are several items to consider. These would be good to formalize through joint mediation sessions; […]

Life Insurance Issues in Divorce

My clients often ask me whether the life insurance policies are necessary after divorce is finalized. Below is an article, written by Rosemarie Moeller, CFP, the director of “Women in Transition”, a division of Eisner-Amper, LLC. I hope that my readers find it helpful.   If you and your spouse are recently divorced or are […]

The Essential Things You must Review and Do After Your Divorce

The Essential Things You must Review and Do After Your Divorce: I would like to address this article to those people who have completed their divorce negotiations and now need to organize and tie up the “loose ends”. There are certain things that must be done in order to protect your assets, credit rating, and […]

Your Divorce and your Social Security Benefits

Many of my readers have been asking me questions about how their divorce might affect their social security status and their benefits. I collected the most common questions and I am addressing them in this blog.   Your Divorce and your Social Security Benefits Changing your name on your Social Security card: If you change […]

The Right Way to Resolve Disputes

Mediation: The Right Way to Resolve Disputes Every year I post a blog about a mediation process in hopes to convince anyone who is contemplating a divorce to do it through mediation. I would like to convey to my readers why mediating a divorce is a much better alternative to using divorce attorneys. We encounter […]

Parenting Plans for Special Needs Children: Part 3

In this, third and the final part of my discussion of parenting plans for the special needs children I would like to focus on AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a group of neurodevelopmental conditions whose primary features are: significant difficulties with reciprocal social interaction, deficits in verbal and nonverbal communication, and the […]