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Wrong Marriage, Right Realtor: A Quick Guide to Finding “THE ONE”

This posting was shared by a real estate agent who works a lot with divorcing couples.  Please see her contact information on the bottom of this post.


Going through divorce is an extremely difficult process. You are being hurt not just financially but emotionally and mentally as well. Having the support of family, friends, and knowledgeable professionals can help alleviate a significant amount of pain directly associated with going through a divorce.


Your Biggest Asset:

There are so many very different things you need to consider during a divorce. One of the most expensive decisions you have to make involves your real estate. In most cases your home is your most significant asset so choosing the right realtor is critically important. Below are just a few criteria to look for when making the decisions to choose a realtor that is right for you.


  1. Referrals  

With the real estate market booming and – unfortunately – divorce rates increasing, there is a high likelihood that someone in your close circle of your friends and family already knows a realtor who is right for you. Great many people have already gone through what you are going through now and can give you a lot of relevant information. Do not be afraid to ask – anyone who you trust and respect could be a good source of a referral. Also ask your divorce mediator – they can frequently steer you in a right direction.

      2.     Research

Do your DUE DILIGENCE. Don’t rush into settling for just anyone to handle your most prized possession. Look online, schedule meetings with multiple realtors, discuss any concerns you may have, ask a lot of questions. Remember that, as a client you should ALWAYS come first; if a realtor hints that you are “annoying” or “an inconvenience” do not deal with that person. You can always find a true professional who will have your best interests in mind.


The “Perfect” Divorce Realtor:

There are several important qualities that distinguish a good real estate agent that will be right for you:

Trust/Honesty/Respect: Finding a trustworthy and honest realtor is the key. While most agents in the field are good, unfortunately there are some that are unethical. If you ever feel that your realtor is not acting in your best interest, do not deal with that person. If you’re not a priority to your realtor, then they are not right for you. This is one of those situations where the customer/client is always right and that’s exactly how you should be treated.

There should also be an understanding of confidentiality. Certain personal and private topics are going to be discussed, and it is important that your realtor will not disclose any of your confidential information. They should not only be keep your secrets but also listen to you without any judgement or criticism.

Reliability: You need to be able to count on a word of your realtor. If they say they will be somewhere they should be there. If you schedule a time to meet they should not be late for your meeting. Yes, emergencies happen, however, if there is a pattern of tardiness it might mean that that realtor is not very motivated to work with you.   If they don’t respond to your calls/text in a timely matter (within an hour or two) that’s a problem as well. They are on your time, not the other way around.

Sense of Humor: You will be spending significant amount of time with your realtor. You should be able to have a sense that they are a real person, not just a selling machine. I believe that your realtor should possess a certain sense of humor; it is very important for any relationship including those between a realtor and a client. You spend countless hours together over many weeks/months so it’s imperative that you can laugh together. If you don’t feel completely comfortable with your realtor and can’t be yourself around them, it should raise a RED FLAG. Many realtors including myself end up having life-long wonderful friendships with their “clients” long after the “deal” is done.

Professionalism: The lucky realtor you end up choosing needs to be professional (yes they are fortunate to have your business and if they don’t appreciate it someone else will). They should be qualified/licensed to implement the services you are in need of. I would also recommend hiring someone who has years of experience in the field. Certain knowledge can’t be acquired other than by spending a great deal on a job and can’t be compensated by other personality traits.

I hope this short guide can alleviate at least a small burden associated with finding a realtor during a divorce process.

About the Author

Ella Abramova is a NJ Licensed Real Estate Agent. Working for Keller Williams, her expertise has been in the areas of residential real estate, including many involving divorce cases, as well as investment properties. Her modality is client-centered where the goals, values, and needs of the clients come above anything else. She is well respected in the Bergen County community and is a wife and mother of two. She can be reached at at KW Village Square Realty, 257 E. Ridgewood Ave. Ridgewood NJ 07450:

Office:  201-445-4300 x467

Mobile: 201-410-7401

Email:   abramovae@kw.com

Web:    abramovae.kwrealty.com


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